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1 a fold of skin covering the tip of the clitoris [syn: foreskin]
2 a fold of skin covering the tip of the penis [syn: foreskin]

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From praeputium.


  • /'pri:pju:s/


  1. the foreskin, or retractable fold of tissue covering the tip of the penis
    • 1922: Jehovah, collector of prepuces, is no more. — James Joyce, Ulysses
    • 1985: But there are a fair number of halfway Jews – you know, those who want God without having to have their prepuces torn off to get him. — Anthony Burgess, Kingdom of the Wicked
  2. the corresponding part of the clitoris


  • Bulgarian: препуциум (preputsium)
  • Catalan: prepuci
  • Chinese: 包皮 (bāopí)
  • Croatian: prepucij
  • Czech: předkožka
  • Dutch: voorhuid
  • Esperanto: prepucio
  • Finnish: esinahka
  • French: prépuce
  • German: Präputium, Vorhaut
  • Greek: ακροποσθία
  • Hungarian: fityma, előbőr
  • Italian: prepuzio
  • Korean: 포피 (popi)
  • Lithuanian: apyvarpė
  • Polish: napletek
  • Portuguese: prepúcio
  • Romanian: prepuţ
  • Russian: крайняя плоть (krájnjaja plot’)
  • trreq Slovene
  • Spanish: prepucio
  • Swedish: förhud

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The prepuce () is a retractable piece of skin which covers part of the genitals of primates and other mammals.
  • On a male, this covers the head of the penis (glans penis). See foreskin
  • On a female, it surrounds and protects the head of the clitoris (glans clitoridis). See clitoral hood
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